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Tourism Ministry Anticipates Return of Chinese Tourists


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3 hours ago, TingTonger said:

That was reported on South Chine Morning News , China is Deflecting, Wake up 

Covid is rampant in every country in the world. Conditioned idiots who can't see further than "Doh, keep out the Commies" are always 1st in line on these threads. It's also no surprise that the Covid conspiracy and plandemic theorists have made themselves absent from this thread. They are generally of the same ilk.

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13 hours ago, daveAustin said:

No, it is the few in comparison. The article speaks for Thailand as a whole, while not many locals benefit from Chinese tourists like they do from regular ones. Many do not want them here. 

They aren't overly keen on Westerners in many cases...since Chinese are helpless tourists and need guides and attractions, transport and be fed directly, I still contend they effectively are a major benefit to Thailand.. it is evident by how much attention they give to getting them back. 

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On 1/3/2023 at 1:49 AM, placeholder said:

Also, in China for some reason the elderly have a very low rate of vaccination. And they are the group most at risk from covid. 

One of the reasons, surely, is that, different from most countries, China's government decided that 'the young' should get vaccinated first.

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