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Thailand to tax residents’ foreign income irrespective of remittance

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To do as the headline suggests would nullify dual tax agreements.

Maybe, just maybe, this is another undetailed  amendment to original declarations that would be enough to drive Thai Tax Office employees crazy with the volume of work entailed . This new declaration involving a change in the existing legislation will probably take years to pass objections anyway but does publicly focus attention on "big Money".

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2 minutes ago, lordgrinz said:

I'm guessing "platform" means financial institutions sending money into Thailand, like Wise/Banks/Etc, so they can track money from individuals.


No, they mean you have to show your income and that you filed already for taxes.

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Just now, medina21 said:

This article sows more confusion. Are we now going to be taxed on overseas income, irrespective of whether that income is remitted to Thailand?


If you didn't pay tax anywhere for it - yes.

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1 minute ago, AreYouGerman said:


A DTA is essentially there to prevent - here it comes - double taxation. This means, if you paid taxes in A, you should be able to prevent to pay taxes in B, according to the specific DTA. Thailand's step to tax resident foreign income irrespective of remittance does not 'nullify a DTA' as you claimed.

Ja ja ja.

" Tax income regardless " ?

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