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55 minutes ago, charleskerins said:

 Anyone have any experience with them?


14 minutes ago, OneMoreFarang said:

Something like this?




or like this?




The second photo is what we call a knockdown in America usually on a piece of land that is valuable hence they knock down the house and put up a mansion. Top photo is apparently what they call a knockdown in Thailand  .  So the top one  but bigger.

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32 minutes ago, charleskerins said:

a trailer house is a mobile home   a pre fab is not

Indeed, but a modular home is delivered on a trailer, yes? 


All (or at least ones I have seen) of the Shell DeliCafe shops are modular. I went through that plant about ten years ago, it was huge, and they built pretty nice stuff. 

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Gotta say, I love the concept for Thailand. 


When you call them "knockdowns", does that mean they can be knocked down and moved off your wife's land when the divorce comes through and she still owns the land (but the house on it can be in a foreigners name...)?


Seems there should be a healthy market for a movable home, especially with the vagaries in Thai land laws that even catch Thai people out when they build a house on land that's set aside for agriculture.


And not to be spiteful (much), but I love the idea of the ex coming home to an empty lot where she schemed that she'd move her side guy in and live happily ever after.  I'd pay extra for the CCTV footage of the look on her face.  (Not that I have a Thai wife, nor any prospects)


Hope the discussion continues with more options and personal experiences...  The examples posted so far look pretty good option.  $<25K USD seems like a deal.  Any idea what the all-in cost would be including slab, PEA, water, septic, delivery, labor, etc?  (Leave out the land, which is way too variable)


Edit:  And one last question (for now).  Is there a market or even any brokers who sell knockdowns to be moved?  Seems like there would be some available from people whose needs changed and they want or need to sell.



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