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Many Brits are unsympathetic toward Prince Harry !

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And the next revelation ... Charlie is not really his real father it's that Major whathisname. Why not go the whole hog Harry'kins

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37 minutes ago, robertson468 said:

When I was commissioned, I swore allegiance to Queen and Country and her successors and Harry will have done the same thing, which he conveniently overlooks.

I also wonder why the Markel Woman does not get on either with her own Family and her In-Laws?  Is everyone else such awful people and being unpleasant only to her?

One can only imagine what it is like in their household?  Yes they have a pot full of money, but I imagine that they spend most of the time revelling in their misery.  So sad.

Indeed. Scheming/plotting new ways to profit from denigrating Harry's family and British tradition.


What a way to live.

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Does anyone know how to apply for this 'Spare' role should a vacancy arise?


I thought that my working days were behind me but I could be tempted out of retirement for this "challenging" position.

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22 hours ago, RichardColeman said:

She'll dump him to get on the cover of a magazine one day anyway 

IMO either he dumps her or she dumps him, eventually, but he's got most to lose. Wonder if he got her to sign a pre nup?

Does he get to stay in the US if when he's divorced?

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31 minutes ago, JonnyF said:

I judge people by their words and actions.


He wrote that book (or at least read the contents and approved it's publication), not the press. So as much as he likes to blame the media for everything, he is responsible for the contents therein.


Presumably you're a huge fan. That would make a lot of sense actually...

Not a fan at all, but if he did at least read the book I strongly suspect he’s done more in that respect than most here who are denigrating him.


I neither praise nor denigrate him, I don’t know the man, and everything I do know of him is at least third hand reports, none I would as from the UK’s gutter press, or at least not directly so.

As for your presumption that I am a fan and your statement: ’’That would make a lot of sense actually…’’


That’s clearly two presumptions on your part.




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