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Russian Man Wreaks Havoc at 7-11 in Pattaya’s Walking Street


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3 hours ago, NativeBob said:

Highly educated linguistic staff of 7/11 night-shift - they can distinguish between many European and Eastern European languages. 

Unless that 53yo cashier had a Russky boyfriend noway she would notice difference.
they sound same-same: 


Wasn't the 7/11 staff that stated it.

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1 hour ago, NativeBob said:

"headbutted" <- love it!

btw, what does it mean? stuck sm. head into butt? or something more kinky )

How did they identify his nationality? He had hammer and sickle in his hands while wearing fur hat, T-shirt with bare-chested leader and balalaika over his shoulder? He tried to pay in rubles and got upset they didn't accept it?

Only Dancing The Russian Cossack Dance & slipped n fell through the glass door .

Not Guilty case dismissed. 

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6 minutes ago, Moonlover said:

Sigh! - Why don't you bimble off and read the full article?

the full article says "they took him down". Sad, he might have kids back home. Also I did't understand how "taken down" man can still talk. Unless of course it was russian language. 

Hey. lighten up, @Moonlover, this should be fun, no?

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