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Unmarked taxis in Udon


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Last time I was in Udon there were unmarked cars waiting outside Central. What's the deal with them? They used to look like metered taxis. I only saw one metered taxi all day.


I'll be travelling from Udon city centre to the airport soon. Is a 160 baht grab car the least worst option?


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2 hours ago, BusyB said:

An unmarked taxi sounds a bit self defeating really 🙂


They look a bit like the "limo" vehicles you can get in Thai airports and they occupy the spaces outside Central that used to be taken by metered taxis. Nobody else seen them?


I once got a metered taxi from the bus station to the airport and it was actually a fair price (under 100 baht).

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49 minutes ago, Caldera said:

If you like tuk-tuks, you could haggle for one. Otherwise that Grab car sounds like a pretty good deal.

I took a tuk tuk last time and it was a bumpy ride to say the least. Never again!

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As stated, 160 sounds about right.  Or you can take the baht bus, and plan on a short stroll from the road into.


Remember when 'metered' taxis first arrived in UT.  Expats thought it was the saving grace at night to counter the rip off tuk tuk drivers.   Well that lasted for a short time.  Then the meters were never used, which isn't too much of a surprise, as any ride within the ring road was only a few minutes, if hitting traffic.


The smart thing to do, would have been a flat fare of 50 baht within ring rd, but no, they went full on silly, 100-200 for short distances.  Nobody really used them, and they all parked at the bus station .... all day 🤣


UT has a very good baht bus system, though a bit lacking when school is out, since they will hang out there & fill up.  Aside from that, it's the way to get around during the day.   Actually, most things are within walking distance from say, Central Plaza or Nong Prajak Park.   Baht buses are good for longer distances out to some of the village areas, and quite the bargain.

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