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Chiang Mai: Student Escapes Escalator Mishap Unscathed


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A shopping mall in Chiang Mai bore witness to a dramatic scene when a female student's shoelace became entrapped in the mechanism of a moving escalator.


As the student, from a renowned university in the province, was descending, the loose lace of her sneaker got sucked into the last step of the escalator. Panic ensued but quick thinking prevailed; she managed to slip off her shoe and jump to safety, reported Thai Rath.


The incident, occurring at 3:30 PM on October 10th, attracted the attention of onlookers. A nearby cleaning staff promptly pressed the emergency stop button, halting the escalator’s menacing grind. Maintenance personnel arrived shortly, ensuring no injuries were sustained and recovering the entrapped footwear.


The student recounted the horror, describing how the seemingly innocuous act of a lace coming undone turned into a moment of sheer terror.


Officials have issued a reminder to the public on the importance of vigilance and appropriate attire when using escalators. Tying shoelaces securely and being cautious with wheeled luggage are emphasized to prevent a repeat of such dangerous incidents.


Picture: Thai Rath


-- ASEAN NOW 2023-10-11


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The lost art of tying your shoelaces. 


I've recently seen adverts for sneakers that have a back that pops into shape after you jam your feet in.


Prolly have the EU and the US gov't mandating them on all new ones, and issuing safety standards.


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