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Transgender Woman Dies After Being Hit by a Wave While Taking a Selfie in Patong


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Patong –A transgender woman has been pronounced dead after being hit by a wave while standing on a rock and taking a selfie at Patong Beach on Friday (April 19th).

The Patong Police told the Phuket Express that at 6:10 P.M. on the day of question they were notified of the incident. Chananchida, 23, from Roi-et, was later pronounced dead by rescue teams.


Chananchida’s unidentified friend told police that they were taking selfie photos on a rock. Chananchida was suddenly hit by a wave before being dragged down into the sea.


By Goongnang Suksawat


Full story: THE PHUKET EXPRESS 2024-04-22


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What is it about?

Transgender are more likely to die as others?😳

Why to discriminate some groups as Lady Boys or transgender? If so you would have to mention lesbians or gays too.

Who is writing this stuff?🤔

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Could have quite possibly been knocked unconscious by the rock before drowning, but no mention of an autopsy.

I recall in OZ this is what happens, wave comes, people slip on wet rocks, fall Backward and smack their head, then slide off into the sea.  

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4 hours ago, bunnydrops said:

They say in the womb we all start out as female.

We also resemble a fish at the very beginning and later a human fetus is indistinguishable from that of a chimpanzee.  What counts is what comes out at the end however vehemently it may be denied.

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3 hours ago, rexpotter said:

If it was a Non Binary would that have been mentioned in the headlines?

Sit down and think about that for a moment and one realizes what a dumb question that is.

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5 hours ago, Rampant Rabbit said:

question the need for the word transgender in the headline more than anything.

Obviously works well as click-bait. as 3 of the stories headlined in "Latest News " concern Transgender or Ladyboy individuals !

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