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Two Syrians Arrested for Fake UAE Passports in Phuket


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Two Syrian men were detained on last Wednesday in Phuket after being identified with counterfeit UAE passports. These arrests are considered similar to the previous apprehension of another Syrian man practiced on the preceding Sunday.


According to the reports from Phuket Immigration officers to the Phuket Express, the two prisoners followed the same pattern of activity as the first offender. 


The suspects journeyed from Songkhla before accommodating themselves at a hotel in Patong. Following the arrest of the first Syrian on Monday, they prematurely exited the hotel, making officers suspect a potential escape attempt. 


However, the law enforcement authorities apprehended these two individuals at a second hotel in Patong. They were henceforth moved to the Patong Police Station on charges concerning the possession of illegitimate UAE passports. While the investigation is ongoing, the identities of the apprehended men have not been revealed to the Thai media.


Fake passport. Picture: Creative Commons License via Google



-- 2024-04-26

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