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Thai Medics Warn of Covid Surge with 11 New Deaths


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Thai medical authorities have issued a warning following the recorded deaths of 11 individuals in the country and an increase in hospitalisations due to Covid-19, with 1,880 individuals admitted over the past seven days.


The Department for Disease Control at Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health released data indicating a daily average of around 269 new Covid hospitalisations. Many of these cases require intensive care and mechanical ventilation, posing a strain on the healthcare system.


Concerns are rising among doctors and hospitals as Covid patients are taking longer to recover, leading to a shortage of hospital beds. The high number of cases is also taking a toll on healthcare workers who are feeling overwhelmed by the demands.


The situation has been consistent in recent weeks, with high numbers of Covid hospitalisations. Between 15% to 24% of these admissions require ICU care or supplemental oxygen, with recovery times ranging from three to eight weeks.


Limited Covid testing is worrying healthcare professionals as it could lead to extensive spread in the community and potentially result in long-term medical issues, such as new-onset diabetes, hypertension, chronic fatigue, and neuropsychiatric problems.


The emergence of new SARS-CoV-2 FLiRT variants in Thailand, with mutations F456L and R346T, is also causing alarm. These variants may impact disease transmission and severity, with the KP.3 sub-lineage being particularly concerning due to its high transmissibility rate.


Symptoms of the FLiRT variants resemble those of earlier Covid strains but with variations in severity and additional symptoms like rashes, muscular pains, and lung lesions.


In addition to physical challenges, the healthcare system is bracing for the psychological toll of the pandemic as healthcare workers face burnout and fatigue. Strict preventive measures, including mask-wearing, social distancing, and hand hygiene, are being enforced while vaccination efforts continue.


The upcoming weeks are crucial for Thailand as authorities prepare for a potential surge in Covid cases driven by new variants and ongoing healthcare system challenges.


TOP: File photo courtesy of taishande for reference only



-- 2024-05-13


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Posted (edited)

"Thailand's spring 2024 COVID surge continued for a ninth consecutive week [emphasis added] last week, with the government reporting 1,880 new COVID hospitalizations, up 4.9% from 1,792 the prior week, and 11 new official COVID deaths, a decline of one.


The Ministry of Public Health also reported the total number of current COVID hospitalizations rated in serious condition climbed to 588 from 501 the prior week, a 17.4% increase and a tally that appears to be Thailand's highest in almost a year and a half."


"The weekly COVID new hospitalization counts reported by the MoPH during the past nine weeks have been as follows, with the spring surge beginning well before this year's mid-April Song Kran holidays, but then climbing rapidly after they arrived:


March 16 -- 501

March 23 -- 630

March 30 -- 728

April 6 -- 774

April 13 -- 849

April 20 -- 1,004

April 27 -- 1,672

May 4 -- 1,792

May 11 -- 1,880"










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3 minutes ago, Robert Paulson said:

Believe this or not, critical thinking people can figure this stuff out before others.

You mean like Trump, who wanted to put people on dishwasher drips?

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It really is too painful to watch even after all the real life data has been collected. It’s too painful to be apart of the same society of people who think these things. To me it would be like going to  any Yankees game and Yankees win, and there was a group of people walking out you are speaking with who insisted the Yankees lost. You can pull up the final score on espn on your phone or do whatever you’d like: but the Yankees lost folks. It’s almost slavador Dali surreal dum like 

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