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Old MacBook Pro repair in Bangkok

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These days I'm checking the boxes to throw away some old and unneeded stuff. A 2015 old and broke MacBook Pro jumped out. I don't know if its problem is logic board or display, but I doesn't turn on. So, I would like to find an honest repairman to diagnose my notebook, if it's worth repairing or not and how much will it cost.


p.s. I'm in Bangkok 

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Strong Recco for Mr Laptop Near CentralW0rld (that's how they spell it).


Exemplary service, great prices. Give him a call first to make sure he can do it.


It's in a building way back from the street. You need a picture ID to be allowed on the elevator.


My own verdict: prob not worth fixing.

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43 minutes ago, proton said:

Most central Malls have an Apple service center in them

I'm not interested to take an old laptop to a service center in a mall paying 5 employees, two smiling girls and a super rent.


It's not worth it, that's not my first computer, it was in a box until this morning.

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1 minute ago, zhounan said:

I will contact them tomorrow morning. How was your experience?

You can have direct contact with the techies after the formalities with a nice lady at the reception. What the did works and the laptop was available for pickup the next day. 


But I wonder how the'll cope with some newer Macbooks which are "unupgradable/unrepairable".

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This guy is awesome




You put emphasis on speaking directly with the tech, there is only one tech, the owner. He can speak a little English - but speaks clear Thai that you understand.


He isnt afraid to give you a ball park quote (on the phone or LINE) which saves you a bit of time when you are shopping around.


I have always had good luck with my apple computers, but have used him for the past 15 years when things go wrong.


Well recommend.


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