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Massive Pattaya Marathon 2024 to Arrive in City in July


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Pattaya — The Pattaya Marathon 2024 is set to take place on July 20th-21st, 2024, offering runners a chance to experience the excitement of a marathon amidst the world-famous seaside city of Pattaya.

Starting early on Saturday morning at 5:45 AM (with potential minor adjustments based on weather conditions), the race will conclude by 8:00 AM. The course offers a scenic route with a cut-off time of approximately 2 hours.


According to the Pattaya Marathon official Facebook page, over 5,000 runners participated in the competition’s last year 10k category, which was the most popular choice. Many runners used it as a warm-up for 21k and 42k distances on the following day or simply enjoying a shorter, manageable race.


By Aim Tanakorn


Full story: THE PATTAYA NEWS 2024-05-24


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Massive Pattaya Marathon 2024 to Arrive in City in July


Will this marathon be delivered by sea? Where will it be unloaded? Is there a suitable crane available?

So many questions, so little time......🤔

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