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PM Launches “Talk with Srettha” to Connect with Public


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A take off from Prayut doing a TV show. I wonder why Sretta thinks it will boost his popularity? It did not work for Prayut. Either way, we do not watch Thai tv at home and noone I know will be watching this guy on tv as well. i can not wait for the first news release about how well the show was accepted by the people. 

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So, now the headmaster will be able to steer his puppet in prime time morning television as well. It´s amazing what privileges that can be given to a former convict at large. Now the people will get their chance to hear carefully constructed lies 30 minutes per month. Hurray!

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7 hours ago, webfact said:

. The primary focus is to recap key government activities, both domestically and internationally

That will leave 29.75 min left to prattle on about what,  

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7 hours ago, webfact said:

feature a variety of hosts. News anchor Arisara Kamthorncharoen and well-known presenter Puwanart Kunpalin are among the names slated to take on hosting duties in upcoming shows. The inclusion of different hosts aims to keep the programme dynamic and versatile, catering to a broad audience.

So will these Hosts while on 'DUTY' be allowed to ask questions or just Kowtow to him.

 Have these Hosts got the guts to ask him any questions ? are they in fact even allowed to ? 

Like "PM why did you let the Burmese Junta, Launder Trucks full of money through Thailand ?  (tax free) "

        " But PM you said Thailand is neutral did you not ? So I'll repeat my first question " 

        " Do you consider the Junta to be your Friend "

  " Why do you keep trying to spend money, that obviously it doesn't have"

" PM you have not answered my question"


 Beth Rigby from Sky TV would have a field day. 


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