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Phuket Bike Week 2009


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Now in its 15th year, the annual Phuket Bike Week is one of the biggest events in Thailand attracting participants from more than 400 biker clubs to a plethora of action packed activities coinciding with the Songkran Festival. Brought to you by the West Coast Ride Thailand Co.,Ltd., the four day event includes a Motorcycle Show with big brand exhibitors.

Brought to you by the West Coast Ride Thailand Co.,Ltd., the four day event includes a Motorcycle Show with big brand exhibitors such as Harley Davidson, BMW, Ducati, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, KTM and Triumph; a Bike Contest; Live Music; Biker Games; Grand Dinner; and Miss Phuket Bike Week 2009.

A record 5,000 participants took part in 2008, including approximately 2,000 Thais, 2,000 Asians and 1,000 foreigners - helping maintain Phuket Bike Week’s reputation as the biggest motorcycle event in South East Asia.


9th-10th April Phuket Motorcycle Exhibition 2009 @ Jungceylon Patong Phuket Thailand

10th April - Phuket Bike Weekend 2009 @ Loma & Football Field, Patong Beach

12th April - Songkran Festival - Be prepared to get wet!


Phuket Bike Week 2009 sees the second annual Phuket Motorcycle Exhibition - a must for all bike lovers and an excellent platform to network with the biking fraternity and exchange contact information. Held at the Jungceylon Shopping Destination, Patong, Phuket between 9th – 12th April, the Show will attract more than 100,000 people. Exhibitors include big brand bike manufacturers such as: Harley Davidson; BMW; Ducati; Honda; Yamaha; Suzuki; Kawasaki; KTM; and Triumph. As well as: motorcycle businesses; bike builders; and bike merchandise.

The Grand Dinner held at the Thainaan Restaurant Phuket Town on 10th April attracts 1,000 guests acting as a welcome party for delegates to the Phuket Bike Week 2009, with booths, cultural shows, competitions and guest speeches.


Phuket Bike Week consists of a number of parties and concerts organised by the Biker Clubs around Phuket Island to welcome all riders to Phuket - the pearl of the Andaman!

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Phuket is facing an oversupply of rooms so plenty of digs, tho the real bargains are harder to find as Patong is getting silly expensive compared to the rest of the country..

Bike week is a laugh, but it seems moronic to always have it in time with Song Gran.. every year theres bikers with shiny gleaming chrome machines, in jeans and jackets, getting soaked by song gran revelers, and having white menthol powder chucked over everything.. Angry pissed off bikers, silly pissed up song gran revelers.. Leads to issues every time !!

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Yeah the whole planning is terrible.. Shiny polished bikes getting mucky. Bikers getting angry, guys from clubs like outlaws and jesters getting in rucks over it.. Etc..

I posted this on another forum last year..

I also cant seem to blame the farang exclusively either.. To me its as often, maybe worse the Thais lobbing big buckets at bikers (cos they dont buy super soakers)..

One or two years ago I had a commitment I couldnt avoid to ride my CBR over the island for some reason and it had fallen on a song gran day.. Dreading the idea I set out super slowly, did the 50 year rd to avoid nanai, got out of patong.. At this point there were no groups on the road and in a clear stretch of Kathu I (dumbly perhaps) had started to ride a bit quicker, I wasnt going fast but 50+mph or so..

This completely brainless <deleted> granny had actually hidden behind a car and leapt out throwing a huge great bucket sized bowlful right onto me. I saw it coming and braced, the whole 'dont flinch and swerve' bit.. But the impact of 5+ liters (5kg) water at 50+ mph full into the face and chest nearly took me off my bike.

I was fuming and stopped to let off some choice words and there she was cackling to herself. This was a totally alone, 50 year old adult who thought it a great idea and positive fun to hide and surprise someone on a sportbike with a bucket of water ?? Blew my mind that anyone of any nationality could be quite so dumb. I mean really !!

After this many years I am all song gran'ed out.. Last year I budgeted one day to keep the missus happy (shes a kid at these things) but for me its time stock u the beer fridge, get some good BBQ steaks in, load up on DVD's and not cross my property line !! I want to get up north and its looking March / April but the idea of a 10 day Chiang Mai song gran is really off putting.

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