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"the Nation"/thaivisa.com Partnership


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I see that "The Nation" newspaper and ThaiVisa.com are entering into some kind of partnership. I'm sure that will be beneficial to all of current and future expats.

Is there any chance it could result in more timely news in "The Nation" internet site? For example, "The Nation's" "front page" today is fine. When you go to the page for national news, at least 4 of the stories are 4-5 days old.

In the old, pre-internet days I used to rotate reading "The Nation" and "Bangkok Post" on alternating days to get a broader perspective. I read both online nowadays...but it's the "Bangkok Post" that gets my most detailed attention. It's usually better organized and up-to-date. I often think "The Nation's" website is more of an afterthought, as compared to the print version.

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The Nation's affiliation with Thai Visa is mainly connected to marketing and the webboard. Thai Visa will have no effect on The Nation's content and vice versa.

A better idea, is to write to the Nation's managers and editors with this suggestion.

The timeliest news, IME, comes from the Thai language newspapers which have reporters in far more locations than the English language dailies. It might be better if one or both of these newspapers affiliated with a Thai language daily to get more up to date information.

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