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A Question About Bamboo


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My total knowledge of bamboo plants and gardening in general can be summarised on a very small postage stamp....

I want to improve the appearance of the small restaurant at my hotel. I have a cook who can cook very tasty Thai food. but the restaurant is rather austere in appearance. So I want to make it more cosy and romantic, and that will involve constructing some walls or barriers on 2 sides of the restaurant.

Rather than building a brick wall, I thought of installing a bamboo plant 'curtain', ir bamboo plants which can grow so as to form a nice living 'wall, (which of course, will have gaps, but that is fine).

I read somewhere that some types of bamboo can grow in a line whilst others are more 'clumpy'. any suggestions as to which variety I neede to ask for?

How slowly will this bamboo grow?

Thanks for any advice


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You probably need the small leaf bamboo. maybe 120b a plant if my memory serves me correctly. They will take 3 to 4 months before the shoots start coming through at ground level, these are the ones that will make your curtain not the bushy bit at the top of your plant. Lots and lots of dead leaves everywhere.

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There are two main types of bamboos, clumpers and runners, with the latter being invasive, although probably more inclined to grow in a line.

So if you went for a runner, then it's a good idea to contain them. A nice clumping variety is 'Pai Liang' only about 15B a cutting, with poles about 2" wide and a nice green color. Plant several in a line and cut them back so it doesn't get too round.

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