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Quit Smoking Without Using Any Medication


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The only thing you need to stop is just to want to. Its as simple as that. I used to smoke 2 -3 packs a day, every day. It was only when I realised just how much I was spending and what else I could do with the cash that I stopped. I was on my way home on Friday afternoon and had stopped for petrol and for my third pack of cigs that day when a new Yamaha R1 pulled in. I realised then that without the cigs I could have one. Thats what I did. I stopped there and then. The next day I went to my local bike shop and ordered anew R1. I have never had a cigarette since that day. It was the best thing that I ever did.

The one thing that shocked me the most was just how bad I smelt when I was a smoker. It wasn't till a few months later when a smoking friend asked for a lift to the station one morning that it hit me. When he jumped into the car he stunk of cigarettes and smoke. I realised then just how I smelt.

I know I will never have another cigarette in my life. As said you only have to want to stop and then its easy. Good luck but only try if you really want to :o

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Is it possible to quit smoking through natural methods, I mean without using those nicotine patch or medications. I don’t have much faith in medications.

100 different people have 100 different ways to stop smoking, mine was to cut down 2 cigarettes every day, the change to 2mg nicotin gum for about 3 day, then stop and made sure i was busy+ avoided coffe and other things i associated with cigarettes, but its true in anycase you still need to be sure you want to stop,

Good luck, Erik

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