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Cycling On Samui

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About 18 years ago I bought a mountain bike in Penang, brought it here and enjoyed cycling in the palm forests and along some coastline. Not many people did that then. Thais were interested, second question always how much it is, and were shocked, that the bicycle cost ~10.000 baht, which was actually not expensive for a mountain bike also than.

But I gave it up, because too much hassle with all the cars and street conditions.

Now there are many people cycling everywhere on the island perfect equipped with expensive gear next to heavy Thai traffic. I cycled this year a lot in Europe and it was peacefully and fantastic...and seeing the cyclist here, I wonder how they handle the conditions.

Noticed also a lot of Thais cycling perfect equipped, even Thai families doing the Nathon mountain in the late afternoon....

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yesterday at 19:00h from Laem Din along Chaweng Lake to Bophut: hectic city-like traffic with masses of pick up and hordes of very young Thais rushing dangerously close to others on their bikes and in between Farang cyclists.

I wonder, are there some hidden bike trails somewhere? How can these guys can have fun and

simultaneously handle the traffic in which a cyclist has to be enormous concentrated of others and bad street conditions?

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if u have a mountain bike then u want to head down the soi's in manam. soi 1 goes up the mounntain and all the wau to lamui but i wouldn't do that unless u r very fit and in a group. brng a spare inner tube with u and u cannot get a phone signal up their. bring some spare money aswell and some water and helmet. there are loads of other places in between the sois 1 -7 going through the mmountains. though u should go in a group so u don't get lost.

most of the time these people that are cycling are on the way to a good spot for cycling and using the main road as a transit point.

hope tha helps.

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There is a bike Cafe near Chaweng Lake / Ice bar. They organise rides.

yes those guys seem to be quite reasonable with pricing and knoledgable. don't even bother on correcting my spelling or maybe u can cause i am not going to as i a ruien and about through myself to bed whooshh................

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