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Driving Motorbike Insurance


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do USA driving insurance cover someone driving a motobike, a moped in thailand

else what 3rd party insurance would one carry to legally drive a motobike in thailand with i presume an international drivers license for mopeds?

with the insurance i don't see the point of the international license.......

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Check the policy woding of your US Insurance I would suggest it says only in the Territorial Limits of USA unless you purchase extra cover.

And then it would only cover a vehicle you own as you have no insurable interest in somebody elses bike. i.e. Hire bike. If it's your bike and your moving to Thailand then your US policy will also be null and void as you are no longer resident in the US.

And if you drive without a Valid licence then any insurance is null and void.

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well if one wants to ride a moped around ayutthaya, i'm guessing one must have a motorcycle license in their own country 1st and then

how to buy thailand moped insurance ; in case i get run over

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