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Pumping Floodwater

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I'm buying some land which is very much a basin. When i put several feet of fill to make a driveway along the right side, it will be a non-draining basin, apart from what drains down through the soil. About 4 or 5 feet deep.

I was told that the area didn't flood, and by people dissociated with the sale. With the recent heavy rains in CM however, I have gone today and seen 6 or 9 inches of water across over a half of the land.

I kind of like the land being low. My plan, which I'm working on, is to raise a third of the land by 5 feet where the house goes. The band in front of that I'm thinking of raising a bit less, perhaps 2 or 3 feet. Across the front I'm thinking of digging out deeper than it is and having a large pond or moat.

The dirt I take out can go as topsoil for the fill at the back.

If I have the pond as the lowest level, the two higher levels should remain drained. The question is what happens if there's altogether too much water arriving. I reckon that a very large influx, 6inches of water, across my 1 rai is about 200cu metres, in other words 200 tons.

My question:

Is it an option to use a pump to pump out any rise in level of the pond in a rainy season deluge? It doesn't have to go up far, as it can go under the raised dirt road outside into the river the other side, which is even very full now now a bit lower than my land.

Say a rise of a metre?

So what sort of pump would do the job.....and how much for electricity?


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If anyone knows about this it could become a nice little problem.

Been thinking and not only could the pump be for over-rising of the water level inside.

Outside the property on the other side of a small road is a river. And of course my pond/moat may run low in summer and in any case will need a fill sometimes.

So maybe with a single pipe under the road we can design a flow-friendly system for pumping both ways. It will need to have valves in case of an abnormally high river.


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