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New Underpass Plans For Central Pattaya Revealed At City Hall Meeting


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New Underpass plans for Central Pattaya revealed at City Hall Meeting

PATTAYA: -- The first of two public consultations on plans to construct an underpass at the Central Pattaya intersection on the Sukhumvit Road has taken place at Pattaya City Hall on Wednesday. Khun Itipon, the Mayor of Pattaya presented the plans for the major construction which could take up to two years to complete and explained that 2 years of research identified the junction as the busiest on the Sukkhumvit Road between North Pattaya and Jomtien.

Full story and pictures HERE


-- Pattaya One 2011-08-03


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Underpass, fly-over......what ever they're going to create......it'll be a mess as long as the BiB think that they can control and manage the traffic flow during rush hours.

Probably, they'll start building as soon as they start with the construction of the high-speed rail connection between Bangkok and Rayong leaving South-Pattaya and Jomtien as good as isolated.

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