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Hot To Watch A Mpg Or Avi Movie On My Tv, Using A Usb Memorystick?


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Sometimes when files don't play on my computer, I process them using a free program called Format Factory, output AVI file. So far everything I've fixed this way does play. This works for playing on a disk with a DVD player or a USB flashdrive or media player.

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As long as your TV suports multiple sources with jacks on the back,

just by a DVD player that has a USB port. Then you can play files

from the player to another TV input.

Format Factory is an excellent program to do the conversions

that may be necessary to get the file format your player

or TV will play.

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Some download video files (avi) are coded with H120 codec, which I think is for HD video files which older video players do play. Use Format Factory or Any Video Player to re-encode with different codec.

Also use a USB stick that has a high read speed-some cheap ones have a lower read speed and struggle to play the video.

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