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2011 Pro Street Sport 200Cc


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Take a Look at This One! 2011 New Pro Street Motorcycle Sport 200cc Red Edition Classic. 2 Tones Vived Red and Vived Black Metallic Paint. CDI 200cc 4 Strokes Air Cooled Honda Technology Engine. 5 Sport Speeds Gear Box, ABS Brake System. Warning Light System. Asked Price 78000 Baths Only Included Tools Kit, Owner's Manuals, New Greenbook for Immediat Transfert with White Plate Number, Annual Taxs Sticker, One Year Premium Insurance and Factory Warranty.Delivery Anywhere in Thailand Available.

Looks like a Chinese copy of the old CBR150 to me?

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Megelli offers a CBR 150 clone; perhaps this is simply the (discontinued) Brazilian Strada 200 engine in that frame? Claimed output for the CBX 250 (the Strada replacement) engine is 23.7 HP with the old Strada engine putting out some 19; so approximately the same as the new CBR 250R.

I agree they definitely butchered the old school CBR look though...especially the rear lamps.


It's hard to tell for sure, but compared to the bits visible, there is a strong family resemblance to the old Strada engine:


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So which Chinese company manufacturers them and resells them to the variousmarks?

The person who sells the motorcycles on Bahtsold is just a Platinum dealer who is trying new ways...

P.S. if somebody is interested in this bike, and can accept a few months used - PM me - cost you 40,000 THB

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A Platinum for the same price as Honda 150i will wonders never cease B):D

Exactly, who'd buy a Chinese copy of the old CBR when they can get the latest model from Honda for roughly the same price?

Even at 40k brand new I wouldn't touch this with a barge pole.

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