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Window Tint Film ( For House Not Cars)


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Hello Everyone.

I am looking to buy Window tint film for my house.....it needs to be at least 1.5 metres wide.......does anyone of you kind people know where I might purchase this stuff from or order it ????....I am going to do a large'ish 3 bedroom home so I'll be needing quite a few rolls.

Thank you in anticipation


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I know on Sukhumvit there are a few auto shops that do commercial jobs too. I had them do my bar/restaurant windows, and the job came out very good. PM me and I can try to get the name of the shop, but from memory its on Sukhumvit (across from the dark side) and right down the street from Soi Khao Noi.

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What I remember from a few other threads on the same subject in the DIY forum is that the film on car windows is a different thing from the house windows.

Now only a few days ago I happened to see an truck from ARC on sukhumvith with a big advertising board that they do the thing you are looking for with a five year warranty.Might pay off to give them a visit,keep us informed about the result.

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