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Road Rides? Looking For A Group, Sansai, Chiang Mai


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I moved to Sansai, NE side of Chiang Mai, in July. I live about 1.5 km past the 3rd ring road just off Route 118 (the Doi Saket road). I would like to find a group of roadies to ride with regularly, preferably starting in Sansai. Hills would be OK. I have been riding alone between Sansai, Mae Joe, and Doi Saket, avoiding the major highways, exploring the little rural roads connecting the villages.

Me? I'm 56 years old, a regular road rider in the U.S. for years. I'm a former Peace Corps Volunteer, so have been speaking/reading Thai for over 30 years. The language comes in handy out there, as you all know. My bike is a Cannondale Synapse, carbon fiber frame, lower-end (Tiagra) Shimano components. I have a backup unit, which is a Specialized Tricross that I used for competitive cyclocross last year in Wisconsin. With narrow tires, it's very much like a road bike.

Who wants to ride?

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