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Non Immigrant Ed And Question About The 30 Day Stamp..

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I'm a 26 year old swedish citizen that is going to study at a university in Bangkok the 31st of October, Kasetsart university.

I'm visiting a friend over in the US between the 21st of september and 11th of october and then i'll leave directly from the US to Bangkok.

I get my official acceptance letter from the university around the 1st of october, which means that I cant apply for the Non immigrant ED visa until, earliest, that date.

So I'm wondering how I can handle this whole visa issue...

I'll be in Las vegas and the nearest thai consulate should be in Los angeles, but I would like to avoid taking that trip over to LA.

Is it possible for me to go to thailand and get a 30 day stamp in my passport, at the airport, and then go to an immigration office in bangkok and apply for the Non immigration ED visa?

If I arrive to thailand the 11th of october and my return ticket to sweden is 6 months later, will I still get the 30 days stamp at the airport or do I need to have a return ticket within 30 days?

Can I solve this in any other, better, way?

Thanks for any help!

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You can obtain visa by mail but time is close so I would just get a tourist visa before you depart Sweden and use that for entry (not problem flying without return ticket within 30 days that way) and while here convert or obtain ED visa with an overnight trip to nearby Consulate. University should be able to guide you.

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