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Yaa Mong Keeow


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Not sure if this should be in Language or the Health forum so I put it in General.

Had a local lady give me a massage a while back and she used a balm on my shoulder that she called 'yaa mong keeow'

ยาหม่องเขียว Basically means 'green balm'.

I told her I liked the smell so she left it with me in an un-labled container, she probably buys it in bulk and decants it as needed.

Eventually I ran out of the stuff so next time I was passing the chinese 'raan kai yaa' I bought a couple of jars.

Translating the label at home I discovered the main ingredient is 20 grams of เสลดพังพอนตัวเมีย which according to my dictionary means the phlegm of a female mongoose.

Sounds gross but it works.

I just wonder how angry you have make a female mongoose before she spits in a jar for you.:bah:

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ya mong has eucalyptus, clove, menthol , methol salicalyte , cinnamon, camphor, cajuput oil

each type has a slightly different composition and smell and one is stronger than the other...

we use golden cup brand cause that is what gets sold in israel in the health stores and oriental food /supply stores.

greaet on bee stings mosquito bites etc...


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