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Sawang Daen Din


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I lived in SDD for a while, its a pretty cool little town.

For a while a German guy had a small bar near the market, It attracted a few ex-pats and the occasional ferang who was in town visiting extended family. Not sure if its still open. As for Aussies I didn't meet any. Big ish German community, a few Brits. Up near SMO there are a few bars where you might find some Ferang drinking 55 baht large Leos with ice.

A group did meet in the Tesco food court for beers in the week I think.

Cool place.

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Yes, Lots of pig farms, milk thistle plantations and tattoo parlors. Sadly no pizza delivery yet.

There is now, Pizza delivery that is. Can I post the number? There is sometimes someone there who speaks ok egrieesh. The pizza's have gotten better over the last few months.

I've had a place just down the road for nearly 12 years, another Aussie, no I'm not "Ken" who the Pizza place is named after :)

I use the place as a base, love the area, I am there about half - 3/4 the time when I am not somewhere else for work.


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