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6 Person Family Stay In Bangkok


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Dear Al,

We are 6 Person me & my wife, my mother younger brother ,brother & his wife

would like to stay 7 night in bangkok.

Can anyone advice please what will be the cost:-

a) If i stay river site say shangrila or royal orcid hotel.

2) If I stay City site in service appartment ?

3) City site in 5 start hotel.

Waiting for advice.

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Go to one of the hotel selection sites and start looking. There is such a range of cost that it will be hard to give you a definitive answer. Just type in Hotels Bangkok and you will get all you want

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If you want a very nice yet affordable 5-star riverside hotel/service apartment (they have 1 and 2 bedroom suites) try Chatrium Riverside http://www.chatrium.com/chatrium_hotel/. You can get good rates on the usual booking sites. It is 15 min walk from the BTS but they have a shuttle boat service and it is a very relaxing place.

Also try any of the Centerpoint properties, not as luxurous but they have very good locations and the Silom one is next to the Shangri-la, with river views. http://www.centrepoint.com/Hotel/Products.aspx

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