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Cash From Usa => Thailand By Fedex ?


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Sawasdee Khrup, TV CM Friends,

A friend wishes to clear up an old (not too large) debt by sending me some US $, and since his bank will charge him US $40 to wire the funds, he asked me what I thought about sending via FedEx.

I have had nothing but good experiences with FedEx Chiang Mai over the years, sending, and receiving, packages, however, I've never had funds sent here in any way except by bank wire.

My gut says 'no way.' But curious what your experiences may have been.

thanks, ~o:37;

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Listen to your gut.

If it's not worth the fee to send, it's not worth sending. Is he sure it's $40? That sounds like a lot.

Bright creative idea: Go order some books or something else from Amazon, then get him to pay it and send it to you. You can send books (regular mail) without any duty grief, but sending money is asking for trouble.

Another bright creative idea: let him open a bank account with an ATM card, deposit the money, then send the ATM card to you by mail, with the code separate by phone.

One more: let him transfer it to any acquaintance who will be travelling to Thailand and can bring it for you.

Final bright creative idea: Go ask a friendly neighborhood hooker how she typically receives money from overseas boyfriends.

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Your gut is right. It will probably cost close to $40 to send the package or envelope of money via FedEx anyway. Plus, it may very well be opened at customs; they often are.

Some good ideas from Winnie.

If you still maintain a U.S. bank account or credit card you can have your friend make a deposit to either of those accounts on your behalf.

Do you have an account at Bangkok Bank? You could ask them how your friend could send a check for the benefit of your account to their NYC branch.

Check with your Thai bank to see what they'd charge to process a personal check from the U.S. The funds will be tied up for 30 days, but I doubt you're in a hurry. The charge from your Thai bank may be less than the wire transfer fee.

I don't doubt the $40 fee for a wire transfer. My U.S. credit union charges $25 for a wire transfer that's considered low.

Oh, and congratulations on your good fortune of having a long-time debt repaid.

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My bank also charge $40 for a new, one time wire transfer.

If you have a U.S. ATM card, have him deposit the money in your U.S. bank account and withdraw it here at the ATM. Might be fairly cheap that way.

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Moneygram is the way to go. Its only $10 to send $1000. Pick it up at Tesco

I also have good experiences with MoneyGram. Never used it from the US though only from Europe. Oh and it's a trusted favorite with the bar girls.....

Out of curiosity, how does this work for Thailand? Say from Europe, where would someone go to send the money, and then where does the person in Thailand go to pick it up? Is there some code or number or whatever that needs to be communicated to ensure the right person picks it up?

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This is how a Money Gram Works.

Person sending money goes to a place that has Money Gram.

In America that would be your local Wal-Mart Store.

They fill out a small piece of paper.

They need the name of the person they are sending the money TOO, the City and Country and

Amount sent.

They pay the fee along with amount being sent.

Then they normally send me via E-mail the following info:

Their Name

The Amount Sent

The Money Gram Reference Number.

Then I take this information to Siam Commerical Bank.

Fill out small paperwork with the above details.

Wait approx 10 - 15 minutes.

Receive CASH.

Easy, never had any problems.

If sending $3,000 or more will require that the sender provides extra information

for the TAX MAN.

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You have 100's of options to get the cash sent. Paypal is good and cheap, cant recall the last fee I think it was $5 USD, it did take 7 days to transfer from my paypal account to my Thai account, takes about 2-3 days for a US bank account. Then like others have said, money gram, western union etc. These are not bad, fees are reasonable, but you always get a lower exchange rate.

If you are not worried about how long it takes to get your cash you can have them send you a check. The Thai bank will take about 1 month to clear the check. You can send the check via US postal, certified. I don't believe UPS or Fed-ex can legally allow money to be sent internationally.

Final option, have him make a payment on one of your credit cards, house payment or anything else in the USA that you have to make payments on, if any. Then you have no fee.

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