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Kanchanaburi --> Phuket


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I've always flown everywhere in Thailand but decided this time I wanted ro drive back to Phuket after stopping at Kanchanaburi tomorrow. In looking at the map I see that once you get down the peninsula there are a couple of routes you could take. I'm not planning on taking many days to do the trip, but would like to make sure I see any "must see" places. So firstly, what are some recommended routes?

Secondly, not that I need a visa run at the moment, but since I'll be so close to the border I may as well knock that over as well. Is there a convenient place on the way that a border crossing is a real piece of cake? I have a rental so I can't take it over the border so something that is just a short walk and if there's anything to see on the other side that would be a bonus! But because it's a rental and it'll be loaded up with our gear, I don't really want to leave it unattended too long, so hopefully a crossing that's not busy or involve boats, buses or tuk tuks :-)

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Ahh, ok, I was totally unaware of that. When you said "south" I immediately thought "what about north?" and so I just searched the forums and found your post about the Three Pagodas Pass, so I guess I won't bother with a run then. I still have another month... DOH! I just checked my passport - dam_n 2 weeks! so maybe I better find somewhere now :(

I'm now thinking of extending the drive a day or two, so, as Mae Sot is further to the north, and really going the wrong way, is it worth the extra time it will take?

Google has put the trip from the Three Pagodas to Mae Sot at over 11 hours, so I'm pretty much ruling that one out. I'm thinking of even ruling out the The Pagodas now and finding somewhere else to stay and slow the trip south down.

Is Ranong the only other option to the south?

Still after some ideas for the route, although if it's Ranong then it's already half decided for me.

Silly and stupid questions following:

1. Is Ranong 24 hour?

2. Costs involved? Ferry/boat/dingy/whatever; visa fees, bus/tuk/tuk at the other end???

3. Since we'll probably get to Ranong late in the evening, does anyone have any good suggestions of a place to stay? I'm married, no kids, but we're not party animals, although somewhere to grab a drink with some good music wouldn't be too bad.

(sorry for my ignorance, I've always had a reason to fly somewhere for a visa run, but not this time.

Google maps of Ranong is funny, you can see all the little boats which would (I think) be mostly visa runners :-)

Since this has now turned more into a visa run question, a mod can feel free to move it to the visas section if that is more appropriate.

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That is just one of the benefits of living in Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai; it's much easier to make a border run. It IS an interesting trip down the penninsula by private car, though. Unfortunately, it's been too many years since I did it and I can't remember all the stops I made to be of any use to you.

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3 Pagodas pass, I not sure, but it was a NO Visa Run Borderpoint!

I, years ago did not get a stamp in my Passport!

I do not know if still the same, a call at Immigration can tell you.

Ranong, ok, you can look a little to Hua HIn, on the way, I never did, but I slept in nearby Prachuap Khiri Khan many times on the beach.

It has a nice Pgoda on a mountain there and a lot of monkeys around, at the beach not far from the Hotel I always choose.

After Chumphon, you have to leave the Highway turning right to Ranong, beautiful scenery all the way from Chumphon to Ranong, Kaoh lak on to Phuket on this road!

Ranong you have two possibilitys,

you drive to the main harbour, there should be a Immigration and book a boat, usualy what I know from time ago open boats who had been small.

In rough seas and rain the short trip to Victorya Point in Myanmar can be unpleasent, when good weather a fun.

I hear they use now also bigger boats, so that problem could be solved.

Price, do not know, I think 5 or 10 Dollar for Visa in Myanmar and 200 baht for boat trip with some people, more when you rent a boat alone.

Has a (fake things) and Duty free market there in Victoria point.

Or, you drive to the ANDAMAN CASINO HOTEL Pier, that is a different harbour only for the Casino and 4 Star Hotel Island Andaman Club.

Not easy to find that pier, let a Motobike guide you.

The Parking space at that harbour is guided and watched 24 hours!

This Casino harbour has its own Immigration!

The boats are closed boats, no problem with water splashing in when rough sea or rain.

4 Star service!

Price all together, Myanmar Visa and boat trip about 650 baht.

That is the way I go many times.

You can also sleep at the Casino island.

For teh Room prices you have to bargain, 1.600.- Baht or less for the room should be possible.

Who sleeps there gets a discount on the 650 Baht, a little.

Or you sleep in a Hotel in Ranong, the Princess Hotel changed its name to......., I have to look if you interested. It has a direct line to the HOT SPRINGS of Ranong city and has hot water from the spring in Jacuccys near the Swimming Pool.

even the Bathroom hot water is from the spring. So you can bath in a bath tub in hot spring water.

I seenow you already driving?

Than its to late what I write.

You in Phuket?

You could also drive down to SATUN on the coast south of Phuket, passing by Krabi and trang and go with a boat to LANGKAWI Island in Malaysia.

A trip I made a couple of times. very nice, i always enjoy, stay in Langkawi for two, thrfee days and check it out.



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