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Air-Con Company Truck Overturns As It Leaves Pattaya For Bangkok


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Air-con company truck overturns as it leaves Pattaya for Bangkok

PATTAYA:-- A 4-wheel truck overturned and caught on fire following an accident on the new section of Highway 7, which leads to Bangkok, on Thursday afternoon. Fire Rescue and Medical units along with Police made their way to the scene and assisted Khun Girawat aged 23 and Khun Pongsatorn aged 16 who sustained minor injuries, their truck contained LPG Canisters which they had used to service air conditioning units at a KFC Restaurant in Pattaya. They were removed from the vehicle by rescue workers who feared an explosion. The air-con technicians were on their way back to Bangkok when a larger truck reportedly cut-across their path, causing Khun Girawat to take evasive action which saw him lose control of the small truck

Full story and pictures HERE


-- Pattaya One 2011-09-02


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