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To computers technicians.

I am not good at all technically with computers . I use Hotmail as a server. I am receiving over 200 spam emails per week. I wish to change my Email address to stop all this unwanted spam.I looked on "Google' but it said I could not delete my email address.

After reading some highly technical replies from the experts on thaivisa (The jargon which I do not understand ) I am sure one or more, knowledgable members could help me overcome my problem, if it were put into simple terms which I would understand.

I am looking forward to receiving a reply and wish to thank everyone in advance for any help I may receive. Thank you.

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Why do you want to delete your email address? Just open a new email account. Tell everyone who matters your new email address. Keep checking both accounts for a few days just to make sure people aren't still sending to your old address. Then just forget about the old account.

Incidentally, rather than opening an account with Hotmail, consider opening one with Gmail. Google does a lot better job of screening out spam than Hotmail in my opinion.

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