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Khets In Bangkok


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What on EARTH are you talking about?

Speak English, or indeed Thai, and we MIGHT be able to help.

I think ''khet'' is a decent transliteration.

How would you transliterate the Thai word for district? My (Thai) wife says that khet is about right. She knew what I meant when I said it ... but perhaps your Thai is better than hers? She's from Lanna ... perhaps it's a Bangkok thing? Or maybe that Essex, mockney thing?

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The Wattana district has the largest concentration of foreigners of any of the 52 districts in Bangkok.

I don't know if that means it is the place to go to speak English though. There are still many more Thais than there are foreigners. I would think every district in Bangkok is going to be predominantly Thai speaking. Funny how that works, you being in Thailand and all.

If you want a primarily English speaking place, I think you'll have to go to Pattaya. Although truthfully Russian may serve you better.

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