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when i created this profile i was able to use the name "joe ekkamai"(with a space), and i see many others who's ID's contain "-" and "_" characters.

why then when i try to create an additional profile does the registration page now tell me that these characters and spaces etc are not allowed?

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why then when i try to create an additional profile

Perhaps a look at forum rule is needed:

26) Not to create multiple accounts. Any member found to have more than one account on the ThaiVisa Forum will be suspended. Suspended or banned members found creating additional accounts will be banned immediately.

Why is it important now to have an - or an _ in your user name?

Let's move this over to the Support Desk.

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Those other characters used to be allowed: your user was registered in 2003, so way back then loads more characters were acceptable, including symbols, @ signs, Thai letters and more. During the many upgrades the forum's had since then, the restrictions on user name characters has been tightened up, and more characters have been excluded from the list which are acceptable for usernames.

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thx folks

i plan to remove this id and start another. No plan for multiple id's, i do enjoy talking to myself but posting to myself in tv is just mad.

Just send the name change request to support at thaivisa.com. BTW, creating a 2nd nick could find you not able to post at all under either - forum rules and all. ;)

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