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Any one know of a website (Thai or English) that has parts for the common scooters.

Bits like replacement plastics, lights, engine parts etc.

I know I can as at the local repair shops but I would like to know the prices of certain items before hand, and for the most part carry out my repairs/maintenance myslef.


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I am also looking/search intensively on similar sites:

So far I found:

1) Scooter, moped parts/accessories. Bangkok based: http://vnpracing.tarad.com/

2) Automotive Forum especially for Chiang Mai: http://www.cm-club.com/vb/index.php

3) I brought my Mio 125MX from this seller. He is a CM uni student who buy/sell moped and scooter: http://piakz-motor.ob.tc/-board.php?P=0

4) Helmets: http://www.helmet2home.com/

Off topic: Anyone know repair shop that I can change my tube tyre to tubeless tyre? My rim is 14" mag type. I did asked Yamaha Service center near Hangdong. They told me they dont sell tubeless tyre for this mag ( from Yamaha Mio 125 MX). :(

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Hi - try one of the Thai bike magazines, bookshops or 7/11 for 60-75 baht some have pages and pages of adverts for spares/accessories plus website info

I have never tried ordering anything online here, when I've needed something I've gone to a bike shop with the details and asked them if they can get it; sure they'll add a few baht - but at least there's no potential loss or hassle/risk with credit card online - don't pay till it arrives.

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