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Bar Worker detained by journalist following necklace snatch on Jomtien Beach Road


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Bar Worker detained by journalist following necklace snatch on Jomtien Beach Road


PATTAYA: -- A male employee of a Gay Bar, who blamed poor customer numbers at his venue, was detained by a local journalist on Thursday Morning on Jomtien Beach Road after he allegedly snatched a gold necklace from a woman who was sitting on a Baht Bus which had just stopped to receive more customers.

The incident occurred just before 11am, in front of the Palm Beach Hotel. Khun Sassitorn aged 20 was travelling on the Baht Bus with her foreign boyfriend and as the vehicle came to a halt to receive more customers, a man later identified as Khun Watcharapong aged 20, drove up beside the Baht Bus on his motorbike, leant over and snatched a gold necklace from around the neck of the female victim.

As he attempted to snatch the necklace he lost control of his bike and both the vehicle and the suspect fell onto the road. A local News Reporter, Khun Anan saw the incident occur and managed to detain the suspect until Police arrived to formally arrest him.

Full story: http://www.pattayaone.net/pattaya-news/160353/bar-worker-detained-by-journalist-following-necklace-snatch-on-jomtien-beach-road/

-- Pattaya One 2014-12-19

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Don't wear gold chains in Pattaya.

I had that rule 'explained' to me, and now must comply.

No one bothered to let me in on the necklace snatching activity along Jomtien beach when I arrived...a naïve and trusting sole...

Lasted about 2 weeks before a Thai dressed as a motorcycle taxi driver...drove up on the sidewalk and relieved me of my treasured valuable...

Oddly...although no one warned me...they all wanted to know what happened to that pretty necklace you were wearing?coffee1.gif

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