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The far south east strip on Thailand...


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There is this ultra narrow about 100km long piece of Thailand south of Trat alongside the coast and opposite Koh Kut and Koh Mak etc I want to drive there to see, if there are beautiful "untouched" beaches and what else is going on there...


Have anybody of you guys been there and if so, how is it like?


Are there any resorts / guest houses/ hotels to stay? Anything to do?

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I doubt there are 'paradise beaches' but it is an interesting area of mixed cultures. Think it would take a while to get to know it. Most farang just pass thru on way to border runs and back (or going to nearby Thai islands). If you do actually spend some time there, please post a report.

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I've driven and stayed there many times. There is The Centara Grand Talay beach resort probably about 1/2 way down. And there are a number of other resorts popping up all the time.

Their widening the road now from two lanes to 4 lanes but it doesn't seem to slow you down and the traffic is sparse.


There are plenty of beaches and all are deserted (at least mid- week ) ..\


Enjoy and Have Fun

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