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UK settlement, bank statement

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The immigration rules (Appendix FM-SE: family members specified evidence; Paras. 11 and 11A) do not specify how recent bank statements etc. need to be, other than to say


(a) personal bank statements showing that at least the level of cash savings relied upon in the application has been held in an account(s) in the name of the person or of the person and their partner jointly throughout the period of 6 months prior to the date of application.


Obviously, it would be unreasonable to expect the statements to be dated the day of the application, especially if the funds are held in the UK. But the statements should be as up to date as possible.


As rasg says, 5 -6 days old should be fine.


BTW, remember that you also need to provide


(b) A declaration by the account holder(s) of the source(s) of the cash savings.

and any other documents relevant to you specified in the appendix.

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