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Pickpocket gang arrested in Bangkok’s Pratunam market


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Pickpocket gang arrested in Bangkok’s Pratunam market
By The Nation




BANGKOK: -- Police from the 191 patrol and the Special Operations Division arrested five members of a pickpocket gang – two Thai men and three Cambodian women – who allegedly targeted people in Bangkok's Pratunam market area, division chief Pol Maj-General Surachet Hakparn said on Sunday.


Stolen items including smartphones, a gold necklace, Bt70,000 in cash and pawnshop tickets, were seized. The five allegedly confessed to police that they pickpocketed up to 40 times over the last two years.


Parading the suspects and evidence to the media, Surachet said that Cambodian Doung Thida, 35, was arrested first at a textile market near Bai Yok Building. 


Police later detained Thadech Nithithatchai, 45, who allegedly aided Doung and her two female compatriots aged 28 and 32, with travel and accommodation as well as reselling the stolen items; and Sompong Butri, 70, who allegedly acted as a lookout. 


The gang claimed to have targeted people carrying bags with thin materials and had stolen up to Bt80,000 at a time. They were charged with conspiracy to commit theft. One of the women faced an additional charge of illegal entry into the country.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/news/breakingnews/30315868

-- © Copyright The Nation 2017-05-22
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I was pick-pocketed in Chatuchak market once...I was wearing cargo shorts and  very stupidly put my wallet in the large pocket after making a withdrawal from an ATM, I really made it easy for them and didn't even realize it was gone until I went to pay for something.

I was number 5 that day to make a pick pocketing report at the local police kiosk...number 6 came in while I was filling out my form.

The local cop said that Chatuchak was number 1, Hualumpung train station number 2 and Mor Chit number 3 for pick-pocketing.


Sometimes, when there are big mega-concerts in Bangkok or other Asian cities, gangs of Vietnamese pick-pockets show up.  I read they are the real pros.  

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Watch out for the blind when riding the BTS and transiting stations. 'Don't know if they're ever actually in on it or not, but they attract everyone's attention and people move in predictable ways (shoving to get out of the way) to make way for them and the station security who will often be escorting them.  The pickpocket gangs will take advantage of the distraction and shoving together.  NOT suggesting anyone not extend the customary extra courtesy to the blind; just be extra vigilant and aware of the heightened risk.

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