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Certified apple store in Pattaya?


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What software is the problem? 


I would have thought if it is software you have purchased through Apple, and if there is a problem, you should be able to re download directly from the Apple App store.

Hit the Apple symbol at top left of screen and then sign in to your apple account... (also check out the community question boards) ...


I think that might be better than going to a local Ibeats store and trying to get them to help... (?)

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This link will give you all the Apple iPhone re-sellers locations in Pattaya but not the certified Apple iCare Centres that RichCor posted about earlier.


The OP has specifically asked for software repair services which should only be undertaken by a certified Apple iCare Centre, not an authorised iPhone re-seller.

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The last time I checked, there was no Apple service centre in Pattaya (there used to be one in Tukcom but it closed a long time ago). The nearest iCare is Chonburi, and they don't seem to be able to deal with everything. If you go to the Apple shops in Tukcom or Festival with a hardware problem they are sent to Bangkok, and if they can't fix it there, they are sent to Singapore which is at least a three week turnaround. I wouldn't ask the staff in any of the shops about a software problem, most of them have no knowledge at all and are simply there to sell "boxes".

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On 5/29/2017 at 6:57 PM, elgenon said:

There is an iStudio in Festival.

Correct, I bought my iMac there in late 2016 and had a problem with it which is how I got the information in my previous post. I should point out that iStudio were very polite, helpful, and got the problem sorted for me. They were just unable to repair anything on site. The Tukcom shop is the same - neither of them are (or were at the time) iCare centres.

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Check the pinned thread at the top of the Apple forum for authorised service providers. There may be a new one to add that is located in Ban Chang, but I cannot confirm this personally.

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