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TOT brings broadband to more Thai villages


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TOT brings broadband to more villages
By The Nation


BANGKOK: -- TOT has completed the first phase of providing fibre-optics broadband to 24,700 villages nationwide under the Pracha Rath project.


TOT president Montchai Noosong said the state telecommunication agency finished the first phase by completely providing broadband connectivity in 3,000 villages on May 30.


TOT is confident that it can meet the target of covering 24,700 villages with broadband connectivity before the end of this year. Of the remaining 21,601 villages, 2,800 will be completely connected this month, 8,200 in September and 10,601 in December.


The agency is also providing free wireless Internet service in one spot in each of 1,835 villages in the Northeastern region, 587 in the North, 449 in the South, 292 in the Central region, and 211 in the East.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/news/business/30317182

-- © Copyright The Nation 2017-06-05
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We had a visit by a TOT office johnnie last Thursday advising me that the tower that provided my wireless internet signal was being removed and we would  be without internet for two months until Fibre Optic could be brought to the village.

Goes without saying that I contacted 3BB on Friday and was connected on Saturday along with another 4 that I know of. Going to the local TOT office first thing this morning to cancel their account.

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When they've got a minute, perhaps TOT can send someone round to explain to me why the new 100/20 Mbps service I switched to a week ago is running at 33/15 Mbps which is the same speed as I used to get under the old service.


When my wife called the 'engineer' who plugged in the box to ask why we were still running at the old speed he told her that "it needs a few days and will get faster day by day".

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And why are they just hanging the Cable on the poles that are already overloaded with other Cables?....for goodness sake, put it underground, and stop overloading the power poles....one pole down in the line and the lot ceases to operate...


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