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Crackdown on illegal foreign teachers: Heavy fines and deportation for those without work permits


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34 minutes ago, muratremix said:

Why they call a pinoy foreigner? Pinoy is a pinoy (filipino) and farang is a westerner. Asians are not farangs, period. 

yeah, you seem confused about the meaning of "farang".

"farang" means caucasian.

caucasians with Thai passport are still farang.

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SO i woke up this morning, What will i do today?

Aaah, ok easy job , just check on English teachers in Thailand! Nice job for all the labor inspectors.

They are already drowning in work , but can do some more. And this is easy job. Made my name again for promotion.

Why would i be bothered with all Chinese and Thai employers who dont follow Thai law?

Neeeh that is too much. This is easier. 

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3 minutes ago, SuwadeeS said:

Why not blame the real responsible people????


They should crack down on school admins, who not provide the paperwork for the workpermit.

They should crack down on the school, who do not follow their own laws.


They should crack down on all the schools who do not pay their teachers (foreigners and Thais as well) Thei Thai labour law says, all employees must be paid on the last working day of the month.

I do know many teacher who did not got paid till today!!!!!!

So disgusting and ignorant.

That is why the education is lacking in so many fields.

How want to put all afford in a job, with the ackknowledge of not getting paid in time???


The ministery of labour and education could fix this problem so easy, by remind all schools to provide and do the workpermit story and also remind them to pay all teachers by the last working day of the month.


Of course, blaming foreign teachers is much easier. They do not have a lobby.

Stone age behaivior. 

Both are culpable and both should be dealt with. 

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52 minutes ago, stubuzz said:

Why are they fining the teachers and not the schools?

You can be sure that schools will also get hit.  I am not so sure about the fines for teachers but the worry I would have as a teacher that has been here awhile is deportation and loss of your visa.


I think what is going to be the most interesting is the agencies because we all know that while they say all their teachers are university grads most are not and almost none of them have work permits because it costs them too much money and staff.  When I first started teaching it was suggested I take a trip to Khaosan rd. 



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