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Two more Thai policemen held in Taiwanese businessman abduction case

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Picture: Daily News


Daily News reported that two Thai policemen - of the rank of police corporal - had been arrested and held by Thong Lo investigators in connection with the abduction and extortion of a Taiwanese businessman in Bangkok at the end of March.


The men - on traffic duties - were arrested on warrants and are due to appear at the South Bangkok court today.  The media's sources suggest they have already been removed from the service. 


Met chief Pol Lt-Gen Phakkapong Pongpettra is expected to give further details at a press conference today (Tuesday).


The arrests relate to the case of the abduction from a restaurant in Sukhumvit Soi 36 of Wen Yu Seung.


Involved were former US marines Jeremy Manchester and Louis Siskin and a Thai man called Ekbodin Prasitnarit. 


It involved a disagreement over the procurement of surgical gloves - a 100 million baht deal.


Another Thai traffic department policeman of the rank of lieutenant colonel has already surrendered to police and denied involvement.


Officers in uniform were seen doing nothing to help the victim as he was assaulted and dragged away from the restaurant on March 28th - an incident caught on CCTV. 


-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2021-06-01
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Funny how they're not that keen to pose with their arrested colleagues following the much juicier developments in this sordid sorry game of snakes.

At least there have been arrests, but so what, at one point the Red Bull brat was in custody too, for a hot minute.

The fact that this even involved the connivance of police, who are supposed to prevent this sort of thing, is beyond a national embarrassment.

Naturally, the world is too busy to bother, it will soon fade from thought as the next outrage erupts, and only the hapless jarheads will get shafted, and real good too! And then the gullible hordes will return as soon as the jab gets sorted.

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7 hours ago, sammieuk1 said:

On the bright side apparently Prayut stood up in Parliament yesterday and stated there has and never will be corruption in this government so thats a relief 🤔


I suspect his definition of corruption differs from ours.

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