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Samui Plus attracts 38.7 million baht in two months


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3 minutes ago, paul1804 said:

does that mean there will be less rubbish lying around


4 minutes ago, paul1804 said:

firstly there are no rubbish bins in public places and the authorities do a poor job of collection

I believe that the problem with the lack of bins and poor rubbish collecting is caused primarily by the residents and not the local government.

There were plenty of large green rubbish bins around when I first came here. I even put a few out myself.

However, when it came to renewing the collection contract, it was found that very few residents actually paid the 'garbage tax'. Yes folks, there is a fee to pay every month if you want your rubbish to be collected. Using the bins is not free.

So, with very few residents paying the tax, the government boys removed them. (Even my ones :sad:)

Most hotels and businesses do pay the fee.

Most local Thais burn their rubbish and do no dump it.

Most foreigners do not pay the fee (in my experience).

Those that rent say that it is the landlord's problem. (Whose rubbish is it again? Is it in the contract?)

Those that own their property quite often just 'fly tip' their rubbish anywhere that they see a bin or a cage. Or in the worst cases - create a 'rubbish dump' at the side of the road.

Where I live, there are more than 80 properties. We manage approx. 25 of them.They are all registered at the Tessaban and we pay monthly for them.

Most of my neighbours admit to not paying for garbage collection tax and they just drop their garbage at the nearest 'pile' on the side of the road.

Masks, plastic  cups, bottles and beer cans thrown at the side of the road are eventually picked up by the recycle people or the government road clearers. (On bikes with a side car and wear yellow shirts.)

OK rant over. It's us - not them that are at fault.

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8 hours ago, Pedrogaz said:

So it completely failed? Less than 1 million pounds in 2 months to run an island....and remember this is revenue not profit.

Are our leaders idiots?

Well, if Phuket sandbox was declared a success, I guess 38M Baht to Samui is at least on the same level.


I wonder what it would take to declare it a failure... perhaps if they had only one visitor who then proceeded to rob the local bank?

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WOW!  A whopping $19000usd per day divided by the 60,000 that live there = 40 cents per day. A trickle of a trickle down. But then I read only 1018 arrivals so $ 1,440,000 divided by 1018 = $1415 spent per person.

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1 hour ago, garzhe said:

Anyone know the current requirements to travel by car ferry to Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. We are both fully vaccinated.

Depends where you are travelling from. This is the latest that I have seen.

One unpublished rule - Burmese cannot travel from Donsak to Samui, even if vaccinated.



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On 10/8/2021 at 3:02 AM, ronster said:

Woeful at best . Not even a million pounds in all that time and made practically zero difference to the local economy I bet as most of this would have been made from overpriced hotel rooms .


With the current level of restrictions the sanboxes can't compete with the Mediterranean destinations. I was in Greece for a few weeks and the only things I had to do is to fill in an online form and show my EU covid certificate. No CoE, multiple PCR tests, etc.

With the northern winter approaching the odds are better for Samui and Phuket, but not by much. Still a lot to be done to vaccinate the country to acceptable risk level. Maybe January/February the tourist inflows can improve reasonably.


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