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Seen some daft things....but this..?

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On that very piece of road  just before the rider resumes "normal" riding position

I saw on of the craziest things  I've seen on the road   a sedan car came speeding past me and  about 200 meters  further on attempted to do a

( what I imagine was) full 360 handbrake turn  right there on the busy Sukhumvit motorway  the driver only managed  about a 180 and almost ended up in the ditch to the far right  but quickly regained composure and sped off again :wacko:

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Must be in training for a Bonneville Salt Flats attempt







There’s no denying the power of the black-and-white image—a man clad in swim trunks and sneakers lying  at across a speeding motorcycle, his head down and his feet dangling far past the back wheel.


The man was Rollie Free, and the 1948 picture shows him setting the American motorcycle land-speed record of 150 mph

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