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Booking International Flights to Thai Sandbox Locations

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It's possible that this should have been posted in the Chiang Mai forum but this forum seems to have more general posts of this nature.


In the new sandboxes (Thaliand Pass?) is it a requirement that the flight arriving into the sandbox is an international flight? I've been trying to book a flight to CNX from the US and none of the airlines I've tried (Star Alliance mostly) have CNX available as a destination. In the Phuket sandbox it seemed like arrival on an international flight was required. Is this still the case on the new sandboxes opening on November 1st?


I can book a flight to BKK and then a domestic flight to CNX but have not seen anywhere whether this would be allowed by the sandbox rules or not. It would be nice to get my flights booked as soon as possible. I do try to keep up but haven't noticed anything that addresses this specifically. Does anyone have any insight on this? Or a pointer to specific requirements? Thanks in advance.

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In my opinion after reading most of the info is that the sandboxes will only be for those that are from country that does not qualify for a no quarantine entry that is really a one night quarantine until you get get the results for a covid 19 test.

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There is a good chance it will be handled the same way as current sandbox. When flying to Ko Samui you need to make a booking to Bangkok with connection to Ko Samui on a sandbox flight. These are flights which only accept sandbox travellers, no domestic passengers, and must be in the same booking as the international flight. As you cannot do this yet you might be better off to book to Bangkok, and hop on a domestic flight after you are released from quarantine or sandbox in Bangkok.

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19 hours ago, grin said:

Does anyone have any insight on this? Or a pointer to specific requirements? Thanks in advance.

Too early for replies you can use for a booking as the regulations are not finalized, so answers now will only be presumptions and speculation.


And if you wish to hear a presumption, then you might be able to fly in to BKK - if you are fully vaccinated and coming from one of the safe countries on the yet not published list - get a Covid-test and spend one night in Bangkok in an ASQ-hotel, and if the test is negative continue to CNX; but nothing is sure...????

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