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Cabinet nods to Flexible Plus Program for investments by foreigners


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1 hour ago, snoop1130 said:

holders of Thailand Privilege Card, requires at least 1 million US dollars to be invested in a one-year span after registration. Foreigners who apply for this program will be able to obtain work permits.

Thank you! I feel so much better now... 1 million $ and you get a work permit, which they didn't say would be free, but you can obtain one!


They say "smart visa", nothing smart about investing that much money if it is to get a visa... Should rename it, I'll leave it to you fellas to find the appropriate name ????

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"As of Sept 30, the number of Thailand Elite Card holders was 11,132. Most come from China, Japan, South Korea, Britain and the US. Markets with the highest growth rate in the fiscal year were China (up 52%), followed by the US and Germany (44% each), France (31%) and Britain (29%).Oct 16, 2563 BE"


THat is the 500k-1 million 5-20 yrs, no investment.

why would 10000 ppl rush to throw away 32 million bath for a work permit and a 5 yr temporary residency permit?

makes zero sense.

Curious how much it cost to develop this great idea?


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12 hours ago, Adumbration said:

Wow finally.  All of those spare millions I had lying around.  And now at least I can put one of them to good use...

Are they still there? Might have been taken away by several million withdrawals of 43.17 baht. 

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