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One person injured after two trailer trucks collide in front of highway police checkpoint in Chonburi

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A 60-year-old driver became stuck inside his cab after two trailer trucks collided at a highway police checkpoint in Mueang Chonburi district.


Emergency responders were notified of the accident earlier this week on the Bypass Road in the Baan Suan sub-district.


The first response teams arrived at the scene to find two damaged trailer trucks on the road before a highway police checkpoint.


Full story: https://thepattayanews.com/2021/10/23/one-person-injured-after-two-trailer-trucks-collide-in-front-of-highway-police-checkpoint-in-chonburi/



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"A car in front of me had immediately stopped before the highway police checkpoint."

That was a driver seeking an escape route :biggrin:

Once happened in front of me when a pickup suddenly did a sharp left to some dirt road.

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1 hour ago, bbko said:

“A car in front of me had immediately stopped before the highway police checkpoint. As a result, I immediately stopped too. The trailer truck behind me driven by Mr. Prasit crashed into the back of my truck."


Learn from the mistakes of others; do not stop for police checkpoints, in fact speed up so you don't get hit from behind. ????

Or follow a safe distance from the vehicle in front . Most do not do that here although  it is a  common problem all over the globe .

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1 hour ago, IvorBiggun2 said:

So no one knows?

I was rear ended 3 months ago and the dear rear ender!!!!!  Took a whack from his air bag, bit of ????  not to bad but out of know were 2 recover pick ups and a vehicle I think ex school van with straight through exhaust moly slip stickers and bamboo mat on the floor took poor nose bleed away, they didn’t examine him, put him in and ye ha away we go, no neck brace no examination and didn’t bother to ask if I was ok( thank goodness).

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