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Are there any  electrically powered proper motorcycles in Thailand? I have found several sites on Google but on investigation they are all just offices which purport to be importers and are very vague about models available. prices and delivery dates. I suspect that many are speculative or even fraudulent.

I am interested in a commuter bike.

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I own the SUSU (3000w / 50Ah), and quite enjoying it. 

If not that, then I would have gotten the Sylla (2000w / 30Ah), or if concerned about image, then Super Ace for ฿3k more.

More masculine Max One, but @ ฿13k more, for basically the same specs, for all 3.

Entry level @ ฿37k, (1000w/ 20Ah) and advantage 1000w models, removable battery.  Good if living in condo or apartment.  Others need to be plugged in outside, unless can bring indoors.


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10 minutes ago, thaicookingchef said:

Don't people who buy electric bikes and cars feel idiot ? never ? they should !


Quite the opposite.  Doubt I'd ever buy another ICE vehicle.  Why would I ?  That's just stupid.

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